Me in the kitchen and a cloud.

14.49 up and here again.
Look at this happy fellows from Vinila.

07.15 must sleep some more. NOW!

07.10 visiting Li´s new blog. Like it!.

06.53 more admirable by Kate Neckel.
The picture is a detail, see more on her fine blog.

06.50 in love with this birds from kca hanging in the bathroom
on my numberonefavourite hook from Byggfabriken.

06.47 visiting fine little thing, thinking of buying this from oliko.

06.41 I admire Kate Neckel.

06.29 having something to eat via simplybreakfast.

Such lovely wrappingpaper by Karin Åkesson. Maybe I´m having the postbirthdaysickness, can´t sleep and it´s only 06.14. What to do?

A admirable and patience project. A map of Stockholm made in cross-stitch (is this the english word for korsstygn?) by Sarah Sheppard. I like it a lot!

This photo by Wang Ningde takes my breath away.

Photo by Elisabeth who are so multitalented that it hurts.
Check out her new superfine blog fine little thing!
Small whispering catindians on Ottos shoulder by me.

My birthday have been so nice, with strawberrys and roses for breakfast and then Louisiana for art, beer and icecream and then Copenhagen for mussels, meat and wine and now I`m home eating some lemonpie...Thank you my birthdayhero!

I´m so happy!
Yesterdays party was a lucky hit. Today I´m just going to rest.

It`s my birthday this sunday...
pleasepleaseplease everybody send a picture, drawing, photo whatever... that you like to me at
It will make me so happyhappyhappy!

Buy a t-shirt with "små arga i rabatten" from Liebling.

Keep up the good homework Astrid, I love you, always.
No highheels for me, bytheway!

Lovely neveroutofstyle patterns by Liebling on trays and dresses and soonsoon some new t-shirt prints in the boutique. I will show them here or visit Helmfeltsgatan 7 in Malmö or Liebling´s website or blogg.

This morning we mixed a drink or two to decide what to serve
on my birthdayparty this friday and now I feel tipsy.

Click on it if you wan´t to see it bigger!

Don´t let the bedbugs bite between sheets from Boodalee.

Minna made the best ghosts ever last Halloween. And this year I won´t miss Vampas party!

I want Ivana Helsinki on at least one of my fingers.

This is the blogarea in my apartment. Photos by the greatest; Jenny!

Kristiflygarebrunch with Anna Ternheim in the stereo.

I don´t know if I should keep this new shoes? They make me happy but I`m not a highheelgirl at all. I found this postcard and now I´m in love with Madge Gill. Somehow I feel related to her work.

Karolina Eriksson makes me smile again.

Just love it.
Superdelicious pins by Lotta Bruhn in a delicate box.

Beautiful photo by beautiful photographer Jenny Nilsson.

Cute illustration by Lovisa.
On my kitchenwall, poster by Elisabeth, postcard by Pitt Sauerwein, easterdecoration by Minna, portrait of a handsome man by me, pink birds from Lagerhaus, lamp from Ikea and yellow butterfly from a fleemarket.


Bag to Annelie! (fortfarande tanken som räknas)

Happy stuff made by Lena Corwin.

I want to go to this restaurant. Now!

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