Yes it´s a domino. Organizing and throwing away stuff that I don´t use, don´t like - so easy to think that we need more space when we just don´t need all this things.

Earrings - swap with sulu! - click to see what I swapped away.

What can I say - the Violets did it again.

Strange mood today. Longing for a fast walk by the sea. Finished Revolutionary road yesterday - the book - good but to sad.

Cute happy shoes
Today was a good day. Hope you had one to!

Cutest shoes ever!
Gave away my Studio Violet poster - out of some Studio Violet notebooks I made a remix. Hope they don´t mind.
Feeling more and more at home in our new neighborhood.
Sand in my shoes, sun in my heart.

Life - constantly growing/changing. Everything is the same but different.

One year as a mother today! I love every little tiny second of it.

And now I will play along with Her bad mother The World According To Mom...five things I love about being a mother:

1 The way we communicate with each other, it´s like a language of its own.

2 To start and define the traditions of our little family.

3 I´m kind of feed up with myself so after 35 years focusing on me I love that she is the most important thing in my life. I love to re-discover the world with her.

now shes screaming I come back.

4 All those tiny clothes, all this lovely patterns to mix.

5 Sometimes when we go to bed we say to each other: She is so cut, lets wake her up. (we don´t) I love that, to be sillyproud mom and dad together.

I pained this egg many many years ago (25 at least), still a easter decoration at my mothers place!

Glad påsk - Happy Easter!

Pink Thursday at Lieblings.
Nothing much to say. Hi hallo! Easter. Sun. Tired. A sandwich - a bed. Tomorrow Skärtorsdag, Blåkulla, Mormor...

Soon Babys birthday!

Tagged by Fine Little E. I like this game that Her bad mother started, I will play along - soon - have to think about it first.

This kitchen!

This wallpaper!

This castle!

This three!

Pre-birthday this sunday!!
It´s totally spring today!

Happiness right now - in our hall. Small small wall with this lovely pattern. Wish I had some everyday bonus hours to fix things in our apartment. Or is it energy that I´m longing for?

Thinking of wallpaper for babys room




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