He looks a bit sad

My Love is working
Sunday-dinner alone
oh so good!

Have a lovely weekend!

kalles kaviar sandwich and yogurt with myself
tea and cheese sandwich with Li
filmjölk, havrefras and lingonberryjam with my Love
one apple at work and one on the way to yoga
cabbage and pork with myself

I will not give up.
I want to follow the description.
My cousin helped me and then she went of to Vietnam.
She´s back in the middle of February...
a glass of milk and a sandwich on a café
biking home
making soup
taking a bath
watching tv

this needlework is driving me nuts and bananas
can´t get it right
don´t understand the knitting language in the description
been asking around a lot
my last "livlina" is dinner with my knitting cousin tomorrow
if that doesn't work the next step is free-style knitting

today is today
not yesterday
not tomorrow

I was tagged by Kate
Dump out your purse/bag and show what's inside:

1. Kalender
2. Plånbok
3. Juldekoration (reafynd)
4. Pennskrin

I tag: smosch

this little one is everywhere
maybe knocking on your door soon

My man did a very tasty Sunday dinner.
I tried to lighten it up with yellow and pink.
I´m longing for the sun so much it hearts in my body.
But the sky was sort of pink for a little while this afternoon.

Sara + a pair of scissors = true love

Me and my babybrother Anders 1985
Then he was so tiny and cute and I was his rock
I carried him everywhere
This days he is tall and handsome and he is my rock

I will always love him!

thinking of summer berries.

yesterday snow
now it´s gone
always like that
in the south of sweden

now and now and now...
no beginning, no end
just right now
over and over again

Rise and shine!

My radio - Christmas decorated!
And whats left of the Christmas sweets.
Now it´s over
sorry allchristmaslovers but this year I feel a relief.
Next year I promise to shape up or travel far away.

The hero of my day is my big sister
I spent many hours on her sofa today
And she served me 3 lovely cups of tea,
sandwiches, fresh orange juice and her fruitcake to die for

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