Not the first time and for sure not the last - swing in the park, feed the ducks by the pond, eat books at the library.

Yesterday I fried some potatoes in the oven,
when they was really hot they sounded like singing birds.

Click over to Lieblings and admire my new jumper.
Moved this from one room to another. Like it but I´m longing for something more romantic right now. Or this purple piece.

Friends blessed with baby boy Vilgot yesterday. I´m so happy.

Bathroom floor from Stiljte - in my dreams!

Suddenly it came over/to me, don´t know from where, hallo creativity I said, I have missed you, once you was a so big part of me that I did not know who I was without you...and then my little girl started to scream from the bedroom. Now I don´t know who I´m without her. Love life - happy happy joy to all of you this weekend!

In Swedish - breathtaking words by JennyMaria.

Li tagged me and wants my favorite poem - I have so many I choose the one that popped up first

"Den som har de vita gummistövlarna
är du
Den som har de svarta gummistövlarna
är jag
Och regnet som faller över oss båda
är regnet"
//Werner Aspenström

I want Mias, Hannas, Johannas
Annelies, Cecilias, and Pernillas
favorite poems.

I need coffee now but no milk at home and Lingonberrytoe is sleeping.

Thinking of starting one more blogg, in Swedish - just about family life. But maybe this blog is just about family life. I started HappySilly to focus on simple happiness in life, like nice things be course my life was sort of complicated. And to keep it short I decided to write in English as my English sucks. Sometime I´m longing for writing in my own language, so maybe a HappySillyBäbis. But I don´t know, I love to communicate with all you around the word people and I don´t have the time...

Me like Marie-Louises brooches.

Springtime soon!

Green roof

Baby don´t need this dress but it´s so cute!
Guest/ guestblogger: Cousin Astrid.
Face of the day: Crazy Kiss.
Mood of the day: Happysilly, of course.
Food of the day: Corn, avocado and Thai food.
Weather: Cold and sunny.
Clothes of the day: Flowers and Stripes.
Book of the day: The Gruffalo.
Toy of the day: Plastic duck with wheels.
Peace and Love/
Cousin Astrid.

Clingy is the new black. Your words made me so much stronger. And I will embrace that Lingonberrystoe just wants to be close, close, all over me right now. It´s pure love - I´m grateful!

Puff Design

I changed the rules: 6 random pics from our home. Can´t find myself this days. Maybe its how it should be, I´m just in the beginning of being a mum...if you have any advise ( I really don´t know about what, just anything I guess) please let me know:)

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6 random facts about me

oh I can´t
don´t know who I am right now.

I tag Mia! 6 random facts about yourself.

No sun today but my brother lightened up our Saturday. He borrow my camera and took some great pics, like this 3. Fun to see our "life" through his eyes.

Love this post/home, thanks aprill aprill for the inspiration!

Lets hope for some sun this weekend. We want to share this buns with the ducks in the park.

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Here I´m looking grumpy, I was not one of those ladies who loved being pregnant. But I do love the result:)

I tag Li! and Jenny!
“Open the 6th picture-folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it.
Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.”

Check out Li´s kitchen to die for here

Things that begins whit a B, "blad" and "björn". Help me to translate "mammig" thats what Lingonberrytoe is! I´m tagged but the 6th picture in my 6th folder was me half naked and pregnant, maybe I show you tomorrow...

Weekend - cakes, flee market find and I succeed to finish a book. Please let me know something about your weekend!

You just have to check out Julias Salamander post.

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