Look lucky happy me!

dream - can´t come true right now
and this!

This sofa...something for SammyRose.

thanks for all the congrats:)

I´m 37 years and 1 day today!

and I found aquaplay! but can I afford it?

Around our home this morning. Tomorrow - my birthday - 37:)

Någon som vet var man kan köpa detta i Sverige gärna online?

Friends colorful place. Lots of toys. Heaven for Lingonberrytoe.

It´s summer here today. Tomorrow Lingonberrytoe and I will visit Mommo and Moffa. The have a pool...wonder if its to cold. I guess somebody would love to find out.

The colors :)

These pictures are from when she had chickenpox. Now it´s spring almost summer and she is barfoot and happy playing outside and looking for pigapiga (ladybug).
Before she falls into sleep she says solen, solen = the sun, the sun

Maybe this is Jon Blund laying sand (brown/orange in her drawing) in our eyes so we fall into sleep. And then he is flying really really fast (the blue) away.
New babies arrives. Bim and Siri now both have babybrothers!!! Found the shop Lucky little me , so very fine clothes. Holly´s news is dance clothes , but no discodress to the new babyboy instead I bought a nice babyblue body. Oh those small small clothes, how I love them.

IF I had some time for drawing I would love to let myself by inspired by the storys about Jon Blund ...

Lucky happy me. Gifts from Objemi Drevo. Beautiful parcel as well. Thank you Vesna so much.

Koloni via Mus

Det finaste man har sätter man på bordet. Det var kul att ni var med mig och lekte. Alla svar passade ju så fint men C var först med rätt svar. Ett pris på posten. Snart.

Hello T ´s post:)

Gissa talesättet!
Ska tänka ut ett pris.
Återkommer. Men gissa på.

Sorry swedish wordgame today.

Cool suitcase .
It´s so so cold here. But we have played outside on some of Malmös fantastic playgrounds and ice-cream for dessert. May may where are you?
On my mind..vårärt, rhubarbs, a pink verner p lamp, and a combination of turquoise and yellow I saw in a magazine. Whats on your mind?

I´m going to work and I love it!


Mias Copenhagen post:)

Looking outside my windows with my camera.

We love Pippi Långstrump.


Yesterday me an Lingonberry went to Åkarps Allväxtcenter (big store with flowers and plants). I love to hang out with her, everything becomes magical in her company. Free hot chocolat from a machine and small birds in a cage was the highlights from our adventure.We also stoped by Erikshjälpen i Åkarp. But flea markets are difficult right now with her, she´s buzzing around and I get frustrated because there is so much I do not get time to look at.

Lingon är alltid mammig, så när hon nu är extra mammig blir det väldigt intensivt. Hon har kommit på att slänga sig framför mina fötter och storgråta. Lilla dramadrottningen min! Ja ja det går väl över. Men det hade varit skönt att kunna resa mig upp utan att någon bryter ihop fullständigt;)

It´s like getting a big extra room - springtime. We are spending hour and hours outside. I found this little bike for just 50 kr. I think I had exactly the same.

this wallpaper via Elisabeth
and this for my best friend.

Underbart är kort. Cherryblossoms on Cherryhills.

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