Lingonberrytoe have a tooth coming up. She refuses to let me feel it but when she´s screaming wide open I can see something tinytiny.
Couldnt resist - buy 3 pay for 2 at Lindex today.

No fever today.

Picked up some really good bread today at Vendels. Made some fishsoup to go with it, now I´m gone organize my wardrobes.

Still fever.

Silent Sunday...
Lingonberrytoe - fever.
We - baking bread, vacuum cleaning and the laundry.

Today I have put up some pink stuff on our living room walls. I show you tomorrow. Thinking of buying this pink vase from Ikea. You have to fry some apples with raisins and rum this weekend. So good together with vanilla ice cream!

Poster give away here!

Oh I needed this gentle sun today, slow walk in my new neighborhood. Feeling a bit anxious - must be the change. I suppose it´s how it should be, after all it´s like saying goodbye to one chapter in my life...

Hi! Thanks for all your sweetness.
New place - new view.

Trying to get organized and looking after Lingonberrytoe.
Very tired but happy.

Dear friends, so long for a couple of days, maybe a week or two, until we have Internet again. Tomorrow, finally, the big move to Cherryhills. Take care, see you soon. // Sara

2008 have been all about my little Lingonberrytoe. Hope I don´t bore you to much with all this baby pics. Love!

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