bad things this thursday: skrällhosta huvudvärk hälspricka//bangcough headache heelcrac..and some good stuff: krokus våffla morgonsol/ /Crocus waffle morningsun

and this blog made my morning

Hur blev hon så stor min lilla bäbis. Första bilden är förra påsken och sen idag inför påskfest på dagis. Röda kinder och regnoverallen på.

Today - Easter Party at Körbärets preschool.
Last year we were at home and I could decide exactly what I wanted her to wear as a påskkärring. This year she says NO to the scarf and apron, but she was definitely on
red cheeks!

Door decoration easter style.

Can´t sleep.

addicted to Ingelas blog.

Finished a really good book Sputnikälskling/Haruki Murakami and started another one Till sista andetaget/Anne Swärd. Yesterday I saw Sluten avdelning on SVT play really good aswell.

Kwack Kwack she says. It means that she wants to sing and dance Små grodorna.

Easter feeling anybody? My Love made those Easter spectacle last Saturday at my sister's annual Easter Craft party!

Det är konstigt att jag inte har mönstrade tapeter, en röd bumling, en moppe och ett hus vid havet. Det skulle klä mig.

Today and yesterday I've been visited BUFF the International Children and Young People's Film Festival in Malmö. Oh so many very important stories I have been told. I'm completely knocked out mentally now. But happy. Superbror is my favourite - trailer.

The Angry Man.

More pics from our superduper afternoon yesterday.

Give away from Hanna over at
Fine Little Day.

nice afternoon. really nice afternoon
600th post giveaway

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a little bit of everything this weekend. I love my life!

We are back on track.

Hopefully this is our last sick day at home. It has been nice, too. Hard but nice work. So close to each other. We have baked, sewn, painted and played with Duplo. But now we are longing for kindergarten and work.

Have you noticed that I have stoped edit my photos before I blog them?
Thinking of romantic wallpapers like this 1 2 3 4

Eyecandy this morning.
Studio Violet wallpaper via Emma. And Elisabeths fine little cat. And sweet baby Frank. Lingonberrys eyecandy is MackaPacka. Don´t know what to think about that program...annoying is the word but harmless.

I like this idea

lovely pattern by Ingela P Arrhenius for Kappahl. Gift from me to my little chicken pox sparrow!

we found this to look at this morning

it itches and scratches, poor little thing. Day three and four is the worst I read on the web. day three today. just another day, we hope

Home, inside, all day long. A bit boring. Outside the first spring sun. Lingonberrytoe has chickenpox.

I'm very happy that I love to play. Otherwise my everyday life had been unbearable nowadays. Do you have a favourite thing to do with children?

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