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1. When I dance in pair I grab my partner like I was the gentlemen, thats becourse when I was young and danced "gammeldans" we were only girls in class so the tall onces (like me) had to "be" gentlemans.

2. I haven't been abroad for over five years now and I don´t know if I ever gone travel abroad again. (Copenhagen doesn't count when living in Malmö) But I do want to go to Helsinki.

3. I love homeevenings more than anything else. Cooking with a glass of wine in my hand, eating something good and then watch a film in our bed with a huge bowl of candy.

4. I´m housesick!

5. I hate to say goodbye. I can´t say goodbye, I have to fool myself to be able to say goodbye.

6. As a child a wanted to be an author, and I still think it would be the best profession for somebody like me, sitting in a small room by myself and think.

7. I always do to much of everything I start to like doing. Now I´m a bit worried I´m gone be obsessed by quilting!

8. As a child I thought it was the cock who laid my esteregg filled with candy, it was my mother who laid it in the hens house...

I tag you: Liebling, Lena, Annelie, J, Janne, AshleyRose, Minja, EmmaL

Great evening at my sisters place. The three musketeers was dining, drinking tea, watching telly, looking in old cooking books, drinking coffee, eating cinnamoncake from Holland and the most important thing of all having first night of the syjunta.

1-9 or something like that.

This is one of my many favorite photos by Jenny. Today you just have to stop by her flickr. Enjoy!

Here it is - STRÖSSEL- a perfect pattern designed by E. Dunker for Mairo. Even more beautiful in real life ( you all know how talented E is with her camera making everything around her gorgeous). Thank you fine little friend, I´m a luckysillyhappy one! Yellow roses from my Love .... yes yes I´m ashamed... complaining about a strange little feeling when I have all this...
Today I have this strange feeling all over and I don´t know why. I been missing everybody I know even the ones I have right in front of my eye, strange...it´s not just that. But I don´t know what it is...We haven´t been doing much, just walking around, had some coffee, looked at a new camera, new cooking/homeinteriors books and new clothes/shoes without buying... Then putting some fresh milk in my big sisters fridge as she´s coming home late today from Amsterdam and sure want a nice cup of tea then. Stopped by Li (she´s having summer holiday and working hard anyway as usual) at Liebling and looked what she was up to. Her new shopinterior gone be so very nice.

Now I´m gone enjoy this little ordinary friday with or without this strange feeling (please go away) and I wish it will be a happy one for us all, balloons, yellow roses, yatzy, fine wine, pasta, summer breeze/rain and sweet dreams...

PS: Tomorrow I will show you what I got by the post today! I´m a luckyone and you all gone be so so jealous of me...thank you sweetest!

Want my entrance to look like this, badly! Photo via Flitiga Myran.

Do you remember my partycrown made out of straws... now on a new little partyanimal called Bim. She is totally oversweet and so welcome to this world.

goodnight don´t let this bedpigs bite

Look I have beans growing in the apartment!

Maybe this was the last strawberriedessert this year. Like I said a couple of days ago it was a good one. Tray from Liebling as always.

Had some relaxing days just hanging around with my cousins.

More from the kitchen...you have to try this: carrots with fresh lime, basil and mynth (is this the right spelling?) or/and strawberries with cane sugar, fresh lime and mynth.

In the kitchen!

The sun is here! We had a fine picnic in the park. I had some matjesill (Swedish fish thing) instead of sausages. Then we took our bikes along Malmö beach. I want moremoremore of this spontaneous evenings.
And thanks for the sweet talk my love.

Hi Emma, this is the name of my favorite plate! Have you seen it somewhere! Your "musli" looks delicious, soon I will show you my sisters homemade granola-label here.

New pleasant acquaintance, Christine Rebet.

good message there, skyhigh

Leftovers. I´m so afraid that I will break my favorite plate some day. Maybe I should´t use it.

My darlings/drawings is hanging around at Lieblings.

The house of Liebling is haunted...stop by!

Today I want: carpet from Kasthall, basket from Åhléns and sand between my toes.

What is it with me and this list-thing? I have to say it again, I really really love all your top3happytodaylist. Life can be so simple and beautiful, its all about this small things and moments, don't you think... So thank you sweetiepies for sharing your happiness with me!

Love your top3lists. If you haven´t sent me yours, please do!

Hi friends! This is my top3happytodaylist. Please let me know yours.

Today I think you should visit un petite fleur. Maybe you can learn some French... I`m sure that you will find some supernice work by madam M.

This earrings were designed especially for Li by the sweetest Vira och Minna. I hope they will design a pair for me to...please!

...and fabulous logo made by Elisabeth for Lula.

Look at this angry little partyanimal, drawn by Elisabeth!
Me like all the things shes up to!

Can´t remember where I found this cute green owlearrings...don´t know how to translate luktärter the delightful flowers Jenny pict for me in her garden.

Bike, eat, sleep!

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