Trying to take a pic of them together but somebody is jealous of all the attention Lingonberrytoe gets from her grandmother!

solkatt - something for sunny days.

Happy happy!

Nice gift from nice neighbor.

Love to learn how to make my drawings pop-up!

We like potatoes!

Today - nice exhibition here all by myself:)

Lived in Kirseberg for 6 month.
We call it CherryHills.
I think we like it.
But I miss the sea.

Sweets for my sweet and sugar for my honey.

Upside down inside out all day long!

Glad midsommar

Today we pre-celebrated Midsummer on Lingonberrytoes kindergarten.

Mitt sommarlov


Many things are moving around me right now. Exacting. And soon my time home with Lingonberry is finito. I hate it and it hurts but life is like that - constantly moving/changing. I will really really try to go with the flow.

Nice things over at Hannas!

Jag ska måla hela världen lilla mamma

Slängpolskan läker alla sår

Bigger - click it!

She says haj-haj and hajå - it means hi-hi and goodbye!


This Saturday we celebrated the Swedish flag!
First we had (to) many sausages and some rhubarbs at my sisters place. Then we went to the CherryHills Carnival. When we came home my Love said he was sausage poisoned and made a delicate fish salad.
About my energy - I´m sort of back on track...maybe...

a while ago - Lingonberry a small secret!

Sunday evening - no energy.

Go over to Mia instead. Happy happy joy!

Blueberry- Tea-Time down the hill together with Mia and Gaston - the second best dog in Lingonberrytoes world - the first one is Zack - my mothers big black baby.

Nice day - nice dinner.

Drinking coffee while she is sleeping. Thinking of how happy I am.

Beautiful boxes here.

Back and forth in my kitchen wallpaper thoughts but this - all time favorite - is the one in my dreams.

Bathroom de luxe +++


Up late this sunny evening!
Yesterday we visited 5 years old Ella and Lingonberrytoe sad aaa and ooo when we checked out her room.
Hope I can spare some time soon for Lingonberrys little room.
What are you longing for?

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