Somebody stop me!

Two years ago or something
...borrowed Elisabeths camera.

Showing you my (legs and) patchwork!

Hej hej! Hi hi!

Check Lina Ekstrand out.

Easter is out
Happy ordinary Tuesday!

this is what I have been up to today
and a short trip to Ikea

one, two, maybe the organizing end up in something new!

yes yes I´m still doing it...organizing!

It´s Skärtorsdag today
wonder if there´s a english word for
this day...
pinkthursday or cuttingthursday...

The cutest invitation came by the post yesterday. And I´m still cleaning and organizing. Feel so good. Need all the space and light I can get to feel fine, can´t explain why it´s just a very strong feeling inside of me. I suppose it´s about freedom and control. But also, as a very visual person, it´s about reaching silence and calm inside via my eyes.

This weekend have been all about cleaning up and organize things.
It makes me feel free and happy.
Var sak på sin plats in Swedishwords.

Weekend part 3:
Cleaning up!

Weekend part 2:
Starting up a new crafty project.

Weekend part 1:
Trying on some new looks.

I really like the little miss-print on this blanket!

My knitting project...nuts and bananas
now I finished it
it looks a bit anxious
but I´m proud of it
I really like the buttons
And I learned a lot
have to start a new one
soon, so I don´t forget!

Ps: thanks to my cousin Anna
without her help...

Have-to-do-this and that-sunday
but doing nothing
maybe it´s how it should be

Going on a party today!

Weekend again, last sunday my big sister invited us to påskpyssla (eastercraft). I did this happysillyflowers.
Today I bought this buttons for my knitting you later.

This made my fridayevening!

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