Let love rule!

Me and best friend in Stockholm a couple of years ago. Time flies.
I have 3 boys and 3 girls, I live on the 7th floor but I call it heaven...come over for some lemonade some day Ragnar said to Lingonberrytoe and then he was gone.

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A man called Ragnar on the bus some days ago - so old and full of life, this Swedish expression Man får inte roligare än man gör sig suited him like a hand in a glove! I will keep the memory of him - singing songs and playing with spoons - forever in my heart.

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Go over to JennyMarias. Breathtaking as always.
Elisabeth is glowing again with Fine Little Shop.
Li is working today in her sweet little place.
And Lisa dropped by with some shoes for Lingonberrytoe.
I´m happy to know so many fine strong super women.

so beautiful outside this days

this is not based on a true story


this book is amazing
she is not allowed to play with it

Treated myself with something blue! My favorite color for the moment is mintgrönt (english?). Like this door over at Smalltown. What is your favorite color?

I want a couple of this birds via SammyRose.

Sun sun all over!

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