Happy weekend with lots of fika!

Just one month left now until our big move from Birdhill to Cherryhills. December will be so so sentimental for me. Lived in my apartment since 1991!!! (exept for a few years in göteborg)

About all over the place - Veja Cecilia and Anna Pernilla you are right, I know nothing about whats coming next. I guess a calm and clean apartment - like this - is to dream about in the next ten years or so.
She is all over the place.

Nothing much to say, hi hallo, how are you, fine I hope!
Me preparing for go to work a couple of hours . The kissing part is more important than all bananas and small sandwiches in the word.
My friend Hanna and babyboy Otto will make tomorrow a happy Thursday. He is just 8 weeks and I can´t believe (like every mum) that Lingonberrytoe have been so tinylittle.

n Swedish Best blog ever.
I´m so tired. Good night!

Look at this sweet IPod bag

Things to remember:

1. Berlin with my art school many years ago.
2. Clay fish party at my parents place this summer.
3. On our way to Plant-change-party two weekends ago.

Only in Swedish. Go to my friend Mias place and answer her question. I will, but have to think about it first.

More and better pictures from Berlin by Lady Smosch.
Weekend again, can´t believe it.
Semolina and gentle sunshine would be nice.

Really nice clothes from How to kiss a frog.
Wish they made clothes for grownups.

And check out Karin Meijer.
Love her Stengods objects.
Red dots by Liebling.

A month or two ago!

So happy, work 3 afternoons this week. Small talented students, all this eagerness inside of them coming out on a paper. For me it´s like experience the joy of making art in the beginning, a feeling I no longer can reach. And it´s nice to be only me for a while and then hold my little Lingonberrytoe close close again.

Li´s birthday today, step over to her place and check out her scary Halloween cake. Now me and Lingonberrytoe is going out to meet the birthday animal!

Happy weekend. Egg and Kalles Kaviar sandwichs in our house tomorrow morning. Whats your favorite breakfast?

Lena Sjöberg - great stuff.
Stockholm Illustration - the blog!

I love to be home with my little Lingonberrytoe. But it´s hard work. Today I´m longing for working and biking. Small hands all over the place, let´s put on some warm clothes and get outside. Have to treat myself with a nice cup of coffee.

November - afternoon coffee outside today!

Still thinking of...
Thanks for your comments on my last post.
Ritva wrote something beautiful : for me let go is like releasing a bird to fly...i´m having a lifelong exercise on that.

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