Made some cards yesterday: soon at Lieblings.
Liebling: bjuder in till mingel
i nyfixade (nästan klara) butiken
När: lördag 29 september 18-24
Var: Liebling (fd Spira)
Helmfeltsgatan 7, Malmö
Sara och Lena Blohmé visar bilder och affischer.
Nya varor, mer av samma & annat!

Bought this lovely autumnflowers for myself today. I love flowers wrapped up in brown paper. It´s some kind of strong romantic feeling to go home with brownpaperwrapped flowers in my bicycle basket and wind in my hair.

Giant mango, giant flower!

Old picture but I still like it. It was one of the first warm spingdays and we were going for a long walk and then - home to this yummy leftovers. Yesterday (the paper said) was the last warm latesummerday here in the south of Sweden. Now autumn is here for sure. I love all seasons, so happy that I live in a country with all this different moods.

Here is what was inside that gift that I got from my big sis! I love it, she made it.

Here is my contribution to the spoonmania in the bloguniverse!

Trying to take a nice picture of the two of us before going out for a luxurious lunch the other day. Well the food at Atmosfär was way better than this silly pics. I had oxbringa med rotmos och hemgjord senap och till efterrätt stekta äpplen med karamelliserad vaniljkräm, sultanrussin och mandlar. Lucky me!

nöff, nöff said the Swedish pigs. Bigger...just click it!

On my sunday walk. Strange place for a kräftskiva (crayfish party).

I know it`s just advertising but I think it´s sweet anyway,
in other words they (H&M) love to fool me!

When I was a child I used to do chestnut-animals in autumn. I made this one yesterday I think he looks a bit sad.

Home sweet home!

Yesterday I had a long talk over the phone with Elisabeth, she is one of the best, most inspiring and wise persons in the word. I haven't felt this strong in weeks. It´s breathtaking what people can do by just being who the are. Today E´s blog shows how it looks under her worktable so in lack of inspiration I show how it looks under mine...and it´s a mess on the floor to with important papers everywhere, I can´t find a good system for them so they just lay there.

...and a gift from my big sister to me...

Got this lovely bird-necklace from Li a couples of days ago.

Getting prepared for winter by crochet a pair of gloves for myself.

Kone-slippers by me.

Step by step...

Did it last year, found it yesterday - it says:
Wednesday 6st of September - I´m here.

Wings, tulips, crowns? Beautiful big sister stuff.
Mette wrote something interesting about creativity on her blog, read it here. And shes having one of my little ones hanging at her place as well! I´m honored.

voj voj voj...

It´s windy here today, I think I stay inside.

Like this pattern from Mio. Wonder if they have it in brown or dark green.

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