Blog post 2 years ago! like yesterday and another life....

After sun - some rainy days, seems like everybody in Sweden have a small or large painting project. So do we!

Back on track!
Now a new magazine and one icecreamboat for me!

Tonight, I wish my own garden bench in my own garden. Wonderful velvet summer evening outside. Lingonberrytoe have fever - I hope she sleeps it off.

Tonight I go to bed early, we made the mistake of taking us to Ikea on a Saturday in the middle of the holiday - what on earth was we thinking of? But we survived!

Lingonberrytoe sleep, Jerker paint the ceiling while I drink coffee and eat a coconut top.

ps: I have started to write in Swedish and translate with Goggles translation, so now it's Google's silly english you have to put up with instead of mine:)

Very tired again as if I almost translucent. Forgot my tea water on the stove yesterday and it smells like mold in our laundry card...

it is not often that I do not tire of my own pictures
but I like this over and over again

A bit cloudy today. Nice to cool down.

My prints in Family Living magazine
buy them at Mor Karins.

click the pic - bigger!
Heavenly mess.

Love her work!
And this bedroom.

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