I can´t sleep
thinking of the difference beetween give up and let go...

I like Viki Pettersons babyclothes, especially this baby helmet.

Have to say don´t give up to myself when I offer Lingonberrytoe food. She´s not a big eater yet.
Easter soon or is it Halloween.
Never mind, I love todays flea-find.

Frida is a girl with an extra ordinary life ,love to follow here projects on her blog. And soon she will put up her webb-shop meanwhile I visit her great-taste-shop-blog.

Is lördagsgodis (sweets only on saturdays) a Swedish thing?
We try to practice it, but yesterday we lost our self deep down in a bag of sweets and a very good movie: Flashback of a fool. It was so so good. Other good movies Things we lost in the fire and My sassy girl.
Have you seen them?
Please recommend a movie you think I will like?

I have a pair of this, lucky me!
Found this
inspiring blog today.

perfect weather
lam racks for dinner
Here it is, the wedding-invitation.

I´m now a very satisfied owner of some
superfine Studio Violet products.

I really don´t need another radio
but I´m a sucker for this.

Stiltjes cementspackel interest
me a lot, maybe something
for our new apartment.

Highlights of my weekend:

1. My Love made the best scones ever.
2. Lingontås sweet bubbling babble.
3. Me sleeping until half past eleven today.

How was your weekend?

Wallpaper for babys room maybe.

Romance in the air. Friends gone be husband and wife: at last (they already have 3 kids and 1 big house). I made the invitation. This drawing was refused early on in the process.
I will show you the result soon!

Thank you for all your sweet words for my babygirl:)
Celebrate today, hurray for little Lingonberrytoe, already ½ years old. I´m knitting something for her but...have to lägga på ett kol, so I can make a present for her today. I suspect that the paper gone interest her the most!

I´m a fan of Studio Violet. Let´s go shopping!

Monday monday. Feeling a bit sick. Been in bed all day. Now we have to take a walk.

My sweet cousin Anna a.k.a The almighty knitting guru.

Another Saturday trip.

In a way our days are almost exactly the same. Six months soon, like I said the other day, can`t imagine life without my babygirl. Every little tiny moment with her is fantastic.

Walking a lot this days. Love it.

Go here this saturday
Peas for my peach.

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10. Pastries - Mandelskorpa

11. Coffee – Earl Grey

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