Things I found when cleaning up yesterday and small trace of my recent scissor-meditation-session.

Friday - Lingonberrytoe is sleeping and I´m all over the
apartment trying to get things done.

Staying inside - I prefer her toys and she prefers mine (phone, newspaper, important papers...) of course.
Oh I´m a lyckost (lucky cheese) Susan sent me the most adorable earrings, show you soon.



Drink something sparkling with me at Lieblings tonight.

Sötnosen Otto in body made by me!

Blue sky and Sun-pagne today.


This is me and my goddaughter Vira. Ten years old suddenly, got this card from her the other day. I love her.

T is for telephone. W is for washing machine. Guess what happened the other day...

I guess you already know about Studio Violets sale.

Hi! This is me today!


New room and kind of silly pic of me, I´m in love with both.

Beautiful pics and link over at E today !

Sunny side up for our little family today. The bus to Ikea-soon a working space. Oxbringa for lunch at Malmö Konsthall. Red striped cardigan and then the bus home. Lets stay in all weekend and organize.

Franska Kakelbutiken

Go away sickness I said and today is a good day.
Morning coffee with my big sister and I have made
some soup this afternoon. My baby brothers will stop by tonight.
Happy happy me!

Oh no - not again. Lingonberrytoe is sick. Now shes sleeping in her bed all by her self but the last couple of days/nights shes like glue. I love my little Sticky, but it would have been nice to meet some friends and talk long sentences in my new flowery skirt. Or at least a descent coup of coffee with our new neighbors! My mantra this days: soon spring time, soon...

A little spring-pig of mine over at Lieblings

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