Lots of fika-time with best friend and Little Lingontå. Lucky happy me!

I like
I like

Can´t imagine how life was without my little Lingonberrytoe.

Cleaning a lot this weekend. My body is aching. Thrilled about the big move and as always a bit scared for the change. My personality is not the adventurous kind.

A big and important question: How sounds a hedgehog?

We are moving!

Be careful this weekend...

Have to stay calm until Monday at least.
Of course I will let you know.
Until then I will draw a little bit more and bake some cookies.

Lovely House/studio warming.

Hej Kristina, nått finns nästan/snart/nu, tog längre tid än jag trodde. Vad sägs om att ses på Liebling för bildtitt nästa vecka någon gång, lunch eller efter ditt jobb...eller nått. Men vi ses ju om lördag.

Wish us luck...
apartment-search news

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Perfect sunny saturday.
Walking to Möllevångstorget
for falafel and coffee.
Then a slow walk home
for soup, wine and laundry.
When Little Lingontå fell into her beauty-sleep,
film-time with lots of candy.

Wish I had a beautiful and calm office like this.

Cards by me.
Proud to sell them here and here and here.

Must be over a year now since Best friend lived in this apartment.
The big pink is painted by me, must be seven years ago now.
Time flies, some things are the same - some things are not - not at all.

A perfect Tuesday today with
Best friend and little Lingontå.
Walking, talking, fiking again.
Bought a pair of boots at
re-decorated Liebling,
show you soon...

Love sweet Åsas work!

Somewhere in Portugal.

Happy new week!

new acquaintance (and a never-ever-heard-word from my dictionary)
My intension is to draw this weekend. Longing to find that mood, relaxed /concentrated. It´s about knowing exactly what I´m doing and absolutely not in the same time. It´s a state of mind that I struggle to find. When I find it, it´s my free zone. Wish me luck - a moment or two this weekend.

min lilla lingontå

nice pattern!

Do you remember the game tjillevippen?

Proud to sell some prints in the Uni-Malmö-shop!

Summer is not over jet.

New nice shop!

Autumn in the air, we had a lunch deluxe today.

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