Hi friends! This is my top3happytodaylist. Please let me know yours.


//FINE LITTLE DAY// said...

Spontaneous it is (food):
1. Dark chocolate – Vahlrona, or the cheaper one, Lindts is good too.
2. Grape fruit
3. All things at Riz Raz vegetarian food buffet in Copenhagen (Have to go there again soon!).

une petite fleur said...

Ah Sara!

1. Sleep or loneliness
2. French country style
3. And I´m longing for a good television mystery!

Take care!

deborah said...

great list ... mine:

* sleeping in until 11am
* my new egg cutter
* leftovers for lunch

sandra said...

1. Temperatures around 18-22
2. Sparkling water
3. Brogyllens konditori

I agree with Elisabeth about Riz Raz! Yummy!

Claraready said...

1. Mysbyxor
2. Varmt, varmt kaffe
3. Värkkänning

När kan du?

TweetyTwix said...

My top3happytoday list:

- Camping in my bed for the whole day
- Sour peach ring candies
- Loud thunder & rain

Karolina said...

1. äta blåbär i skogen
2. dricka te
3. kvällsluft


What a lovely blog! Peaches yummy! Happy place - I will visit you often!
1. Blowing bubbles with my 5 year old niece.
2. Hot coffee with lots of milk at 4pm.
3. Reading magazines all afternoon at the beach.

comfies said...

1. hot coffee with soy milk in this hotel room with my sister, who is reading the paper as i write this.
2. finally getting a full night of sleep (it was the sleeping pills i think)
3. my new not-so-fashionable but very practical sun hat


andrea said...

oooooh, I love the idea of this!

my happysilly top three list for today:

1. bright orange/pink batik-printed dish towels
2. peach-flavored italian ices
3. open windows throughout the house

ashley rose helvey said...

o ya!

1. overhearing a french woman's conversation

2. taking a bath while it was still light out

3. making aprikosen knaedel for dinner and tomorrow's breakfast!

kristin said...

so glad to have found this blog...i will gladly take the opportunity...

1. dancing with my 2 year old
2. walking in sunlight and hearing thunder from clouds that just passed
3. coffee with cream

Liivia said...

1. book- Cèline Curiol: Voix sans issue
2. old Hungarian blouse
3. smell of soap marseille

fingerspitz said...

listan för dagen:

* sovit mer än sex timmar
* ledig dag alldeles för mig själv
* en liten klänning med sniglar på

lottie said...

1. my new silver lace up shoes
2. a huge mug of tea
3. yakult

Arch said...
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Arch said...

My top 3 list is here

Found you through Dedorah's blog.
Love your blog!

Jessica said...

hmmmm good questions.

1. Chocolate Croissants
2. Sarah Vowell
3. Air Conditioning

daintee said...
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daintee said...

My top three list is here at my blog, daintee.

I've also found you through Deborah and love the site. Will be back!

Lola is Beauty said...

1. Going out for breakfast

2. Getting a good idea that won't go away and thinking "I'm really gonna do it!"

3. red wine and green and blacks maya gold chocolate - together...

Kate said...

1. Sweet beetroot
2. Scraps of old paper
3. An extra fine ink pen and new sketchbook

Cher Ami said...

ooh nice. ok top 3 for today..

-Devendra Banhart's "Shabop Shalom" (puts me instantly in a good mood)
-knowing that I will come home to a fridge full of groceries!(I went shopping yesterday)
-ribbons. I found an old pink one this morning that came from a present and I put my hair back with it :)

sue said...


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