Right answer! Oh maybe it was to easy?
Those who guessed right - congrats - send your address to sara.blohme@gmail.com. I want to treat you with something.

New big bed and some cute cakes from Olle and Ella.

please give me a white Christmas and a Vansbro spark!
poetry for someone from the south of Sweden


Mila said...

Sooo pretty and sweet!!!
Thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog!


Duermevela said...

oh... Your baby seems an angel!

Veja cecilia said...

oj, nu har det blivit en liten tjej istället för en liten bebis. Vad fin hon är!

Anonymous said...

sweet sleeping beauty :-)

Esti said...

soooo cute :)

Francesca said...

oh sleeping babies! i have way too many pictures of my little sleeping!

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