Drinking coffee while she is sleeping. Thinking of how happy I am.

Beautiful boxes here.

Back and forth in my kitchen wallpaper thoughts but this - all time favorite - is the one in my dreams.

Bathroom de luxe +++



nath said...

oh, that wallpaper is delicious, wherever did you find it? and can you actually buy it?

Helen said...

Gorgeous choice.

Also, she's getting so big! And helping out with watering! Too sweet.

Lena said...

My father in law makes those boxes! He made one for each of us for christmas last year. They are great!

hanna-happenings said...

14månader är en sån fantastisk ålder! Man bara njuter och njuter.

oskar said...

Hej! Intressant och jätte fin blogg. Kul att få en inblick i ert liv.

Ha det gott

marie-louise said...

Lycko dig - att ha en egen liten flicka nu när det är sommar! Ni behöver liksom inte leka "mammapappabarn", ni är det!

Therese said...

Hon är bedårande det lilla livet!♥

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