Det är fasansfullt det som hänt i vårt grannland. Någon skrev så på Facebook; det finns fler goda än onda. Skönt att bli påmind om det. Kärlek till alla som någongång mist.

It is horrible what happened in our neighboring country. Someone wrote on Facebook: there is more good than evil. Nice to be reminded.


enannanhelena said...

Ett litet kärleksfullt gömme borde alla ha. Alltid. :)


Anonymous said...

Dear family:
I am a little bit sad because I can't understand you language (sorry)and I hope you return translating to english. I really like to listen and see your days in a northern country.
I live in Portugal, and I enjoy the vision ( as a contrast of my way of living) of your beautiful country and family - in english please... :)

sara said...

hallo Anonymous thank for following mw. I will try to go back to english.

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